The coming of God’s kingdom was not first announced in the comfort of the city but in the Judean wilderness. This blog owes its title to the forerunner ‘a voice crying in the wilderness.’ It is in the wilderness where we leave the comfort of our life styles and our accepted worldview to clash with the voice of God afresh. We go there not to meet men wearing aristocratic apparel, priestly robes, cleric garb, or even ministerial suit and tie–God’s word is not reserved for the elite or those atop the hierarchy. We are all in a sound chamber, groping through deafening sounds (the sound of tradition), to hear the sound of God voice as its whispers our names and waits for us to respond ‘here I am.’

I was in a strait betwixt titles ‘haqol’ and ‘musings of scripture’ therefore I chose one as the title and one as a sort of subtitle. I would like to write about an historical approach to the New Testament incorporating philology, 2nd Temple Literature, and Greek and Roman literature (of which I am woefully ignorant, but I hope to learn more). I hope to present articles on ‘critical realism’ a philosophy of studying history, in my case, as it relates to studying the NT. Furthermore, I want to discuss early Christian worship and fellowship, meeting in homes, worship being edifying, simple family gatherings devoid of ritualism and priestly sacraments.

My name is D’Angelo Joyce. I am devoted to Jesus of Nazareth whom God raised from the dead.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. D’ Angelo,

    I really look forward to your articles and essays based on your study. I know your work will benefit the church and further the cause of speaking the truth in love.

  2. I thank you for my warm welcome. I know you too well have thought provoking and challenging material. May God bless your efforts.

  3. rich constant said:

    read your comment at john mark hicks this morning
    blessings to you

    his web site is just to much fun to me
    rich constant

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